About us

Leveraging over 30 years experience in semiconductor technology, we are a front runner in both computer memory/data storage and LED lighting solutions. Across both business divisions, we bring to market a comprehensive variety of the highest quality products at competitive prices.

We are a growing, international company, headquartered in London, UK (where we run our design, R&D and testing facilities) and complemented by a Europe-wide network of offices including branches in France and the Netherlands. Driven by our dedication to customer satisfaction, we have sold hundreds of millions of products in over 50 countries. We’re proud to provide cutting edge products which our customers trust for their performance and durability.

Our achievements could not be possible without a culture of integrity, flexibility and innovation. It is with this mindset that we nurture our employees, manage business relationships, collaborate on extraordinary projects, provide top-class customer support, and above all: delight our customers with our products.


Integral Memory produces a wide range of memory and storage products including DRAM, memory cards, USB drives, Solid State Drives (SSD), encrypted drives and Industrial memory solutions. We are always at the forefront of innovation and deliver the latest, fastest and most efficient products.

Integral LED’s range covers many lighting application (commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality and residential). We produce cutting-edge and ever more efficient LED lighting solutions, helping to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.

Our brands are trusted by a wide range of distribution partners, including: